Health Passport Solution

SafeKey provides employers with a simple safe and secure solution to ensure healthy work environments

Test Passport Solution

for COVID-19

Immediate Need:

Give people a “passport” for their CV-19 testing status that is:

  • Anonymous
  • Secure
  • Accurate
  • Current
  • Non-Tracking
  • Trusted
  • Simple
  • Cost Effective
  • Private
  • Updated

With SafeKey I can share my testing and
vaccination status with restaurants,
sporting events, and school without compromising my privacy

“By checking SafeKey status we are showing our customers and employees that their health matters to us”

Field System for management COVID-19 Immunity and Viral Load Screening


  • Employers, workplaces will need to verify testing and vaccination status for millions very quickly.
  • Tests from some sources are sometimes found to have quality/accuracy issues. Individuals will need to be retested.
  • People are concerned about privacy, “National Databases”, or other issues.


Near Patient – Physicians Office, “Drive Through” Testing Centers, Employers, Schools, etc…


Person ID, Driver’s license


No requirement to store ID images or patient personal data

Field System for management COVID-19 Immunity and Viral Load Screening


  • Provide certification that test was administered correctly.
  • Training of test administrators should be easy and system suitable for home use.
  • Ability to track test manufacture.


Deploy state/nation wide system to manage immunity certification for resuming operations, returning to school/work, attend public events, etc… Interoperable with associated devices (thermometer, pulse, etc…)


Certification that test was properly conducted on the correct individual. Results integrated in appliance or cloud


  • Mobile app makes administration of test simple and rapid to deploy and train staff
  • Can be administered at home with a consumer downloadable app
  • Minimal field infrastructure requirements
  • Test interpretation automated with image analysis and machine learning
  • Protects privacy with optional anonymization mode
  • Integrates with biometrics and other measurements (temperature, etc…)
  • Certifies test conducted properly (read within valid time window, etc…)
  • Test manufacture and lot numbers are automatically stored to easily handle finding of sub-standard tests and notify employers/schools/individuals of need to retest on a national level
  • Employees benefit by having certified proof of immunity health testing

How it works

  • Test managed by mobile device
  • Barcoded cartridge/tube, wrapper is imaged with Driver’s license/ID(optional), ID does not have to be stored but a “fingerprint” is stored for use with verification app
  • Lot number and manufacturer automatically parsed and stored
  • Fluid/Sample obtained timer started
  • Notification to technician test is ready, alarm when time about to expire
  • Anonymous and ID shown versions of test report given to subject

Simple Process

Critical Problems We Address

Many people need to be tested quickly
Data privacy and anonymity

Different types of data

PCR, Antibody, Temperature, Wearables, etc…

POC, Home, Send in …

Duration of immunity

Certification tests performed correctly

Deployment to different types of settings (school nurse, corporate HR/security, home, etc…)

Different sponsoring organizations will allow different tests

Anonymity Mode

Storage of name, photo, or identifying information not required

Results are stored anonymized such that the original Subject ID and optional PIN are required to retrieve them


Communication with the backend API is encrypted HTTPS using TLS (Transport Layer Security)

Data is stored in our databases encrypted at rest using AES-256

Testing Workflow For Covid-19

Screening Verification

Testing System

(Home , School, Drive Through Tent, Workplace, etc…)

User places packet on table with patients drivers license

  • Testing Mobile app takes picture of both
  • Analysis
    • – Check expiration date of test
    • – Parse lot number and check against a DB of bad lots
    • – Associate test serial number with patent Driver’s license
    • – Start timer

When minimum time has passed notification is sent to image the result with persons Driver’s license next to it

  • Analysis
    • – Interpret colored bars
    • – Register result with patent Driver’s license and store image of result
    • – Provide named and anonymized certificate of result/immunity testng to patient
    • – Integrate with EMR

Test must be interpreted within a certain number of minutes, if five minutes to expiration with no result read then sound alarm if test result read after expiratory time then mark test as invalid or refuse to image, etc…

Verification System

Mobile app: confirms ID via QR code, confirms result by techID/DateTime

Provides log and proof of verification

Provide a healthy work environment for your organization