Precise Data Solution For Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Data Solution

Our analysis pipeline, PrenatalDx™, produces high-fidelity NIPT results with minimal start-up time, premium customer support, and market-leading performance.

Next Generation DNA Sequencing

Utilizing cell-free DNA from pregnant mothers, PrenatalDx™ is a turnkey data solution for non-invasive prenatal testing. 

Nellie's Test Results

Chromosome Length
Chromosomes of Sample

Fetal Fraction

Aneuploid 9



Empowering Our Clients

Deliver a market leading test through a white-glove, consultative approach. EchelonDx specializes in a client-centric delivery of solutions for NIPT. PrenatalDx™ delivers a fully customizable data solution for our client’s NIPT testing business needs.

Take control of your NIPT offerings
through internalization