EchelonDx was founded by a team of leading computer scientists, healthcare executives and entrepreneurial visionaries.

Leveraging decades of experience commercializing big data solutions for emerging markets, we have provided production-level data analytics for important industries including agriculture and biotechnology

With the emergence of electronic medical records, we are applying these big data analytics into healthcare systems to improve the patient experience while lowering costs and increasing efficiency for the healthcare networks

Through custom delivery of proprietary systems, we help our clients realize new opportunities to optimize their business in the healthcare industry.

As big data software solutions and healthcare networks leverage one another, the future of the patient experience is set be transformed through the lens of precision medicine and realized as a longitudinal asset to the individual and the healthcare industry as a whole.


  • Stephen H. Sanders
    Stephen H. Sanders Founder, CEO, Chairman
  • John Burke
    John Burke Founder, CSO, President


Our products help you operate effectively.
Together, we can save lives and cut time spent.